Archery History Both Longbow and Crossbow

Understanding Archery

Early archery is a tool for hunting and survival tools. However, as the times progressed, archery is now listed as a sport that is contested in the Olympics.

Archery is an activity using the bow to shoot arrows. Evidence has shown archery has started since about 5,000 years ago. At first, the sport of arrows was used to hunt before it developed as a weapon in battle and then into a sport of precision.

Field Number, Regulations, and Archery

  1. Archery Sports Number
    • Traditional Sports Number, arc made of whole wood. Outdoor sport archery performed. Performed with a sitting position and adjusted target.
    • The National Sports Number, a bow made of wood and bamboo, the other rules are the same as the International Sports number.
    • International Sports Number, arc made from synthesis material.Further differentiated again by type field ie indoor or outdoor. In the international Sports number is distinguished again by the type of arc that is the number of recurve and compound number.
  2. Archery Sports Regulations
    • Recurve, Compound and Bow standard: To remotely fire 6 arrows, as many as 6 series. So the total results multiplied by 6. And for a distance of 50 and 30 meters, have to shoot 3 arrows multiplied by 12. This assessment applies to all rounds.
  3. Archery Field Sports
    • Archery fields involve shooting at multiple (and often marked) goals at a distance of one of the objectives of the archery field is to improve the techniques and abilities needed for more realistic blow hunting beyond the setting.

Understanding Archery and its history

The type of body movement shoots an arrow with a bow on a specific target called archery. But this activity is not just a physical exercise. For thousands of years individuals have relied largely on archery skills for battle and for food. Even now looking for food with arrows that is still a very famous work.


In the prehistoric and ancient Time periods, many tribes in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America sparked arrows and bumps. Arrow is one of the special weapons in conflict and pursuit. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese also used archery as a sport.

Individual Huns, Turks, Mongols, and other allies rely on arrows and arrows to battle while riding on horses. Their skill as archers helps them conquer most of Asia.

Longbow and Crossbow

British troops began using a large bumps called longbow in the 1300s. Longbow helped them win a major military battle against France. Another leading arrow in Europe at the time was the crossbow. The crossbow is a small arrow mounted on the base of the beam in a horizontal position. Here’s some Best Barnett Crossbows that suitable for you.

Crossbow weapons firing small arrows called Bolts or Quarrels. The advantages of Crossbow compared to the ordinary arrows are this weapon is much more compact and can be used in narrow places. This thing plays an important role in the history of war in East Asia, Europe, to the Mediterranean. Crossbow was first created in China according to archaeological evidence. The bronze crossbow bullet from the mid-5th century BC was found in Chu’s burial area in Yutaishan, Hubei. An ancient bronze crossbow 6th century heritage is found in ancient grave sites number 3 and 12 in Qufu, Shandong. Another ancient Chinese crossbow was also found in the 138 cemetery in Saobatang, Hunan, the Crossbow that was found to be a 4th century BC.

Crossbow Sports Competitions

Despite the fact that firearms are already present, Crossbow is still used in many countries for hunting, sports competitions, even the modern military. Peruvian Army (Ejército) uses a Crossbow to fire a climbing rope to cross. The CIGS (Jungle Warfare Training Center) of Brazil, the Turkish Military, the Greek Military, the Spanish Military, and several Chinese military units also used the Crossbow in combat operations. In combat operations, Crossbow has advantages not possessed of firearms, Crossbow is not noisy and silent, and can be used to paralyze the targets that carry explosives safely, without worry of an explosion caused by a spark. Best Crossbow has a special groove to guide arrows on wood and levers to pull and untie the arrows.

In Europe, guns used arrows and arrows as the main military weapon of the 1500s. Soldiers in today’s world are mostly using firearms. However, many individuals still wear giants and arrows for foraging. Archery will also grow as a popular physical exercise. In the early 1900s, archery became an Olympic sport.


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