Reasons Why Trevon Duval Is the Perfect Fit for Blue Devils

University and basketball are completely synonymous in the United States of America and its passion in pure sense that draws young students find the right university that would give them enough exposure in the game. The Duke University has already enough recognition as far as their basketball team is concerned, and in fact, NBA finds a steady supply of players from the university. Even Kentucky is another name that has been quite popular with their basketball team.

What makes them so popular? A very common question who answer is easier to answer as well. Patrick Lanning, who is a Law student at the Duke University, points out that not just the seniors and returning players that characterize their basketball team Blue Devils, but quality freshmen who are always ready to come up and fill in the vacancies that are being created every single year. As of 2017, Trevon Duval is the name that has created a sensation. How come a freshman get so much of hype? Is he overrated or does this popularity make some sense? It’s time to find out.

A Strict Guard Letting No Points Go

The entire 2017 class for the Blue Devils have found them some classic collection of floor generals, and Duval is by far the best of the lot. Apart from what Alabama has got in Collin Sexton, Duval is the best point guard for the season leaving behind Jaylen Hands, Trae Young and Quade Green who played for UCLA, Oklahoma, and Kentucky respectively.

Quick Shuffler and Doing Every Little Thing Possible

Both his height and the perfect combination of weight makes him non-vulnerable from all angles. Whenever you need to give your game some transition, make sure you have Duval in there. Smart and lightning passes make it look like easy. His smooth jumps would never give you the feeling that he is afraid at all while attacking the rim. While the selection process was on, and no player was ready to leave a single inch of ground to the other, Duval came out of nowhere, soared high above the basket and slammed down the highlight reel dunks. That’s where Patrick Lanning Oregon believes he bet everyone on the court.

Duke Never Goes Empty

Blue Devils have always found their players heading towards the NBA, and their coach Mike Krzyzewski never seems to be bothered about. And why will they when players like Duval are in the class, and so is the case for 2017 as well. As Duval gets in, the Blue Devils have now got six commits for the class, and exactly half of them are five-star recruiters for the team. So as far as the national title is concerned, Kentucky and Oklahoma be better aware of the Dukes.

The traditional approach to the game of basketball still remains, but that has found enough modification just to make it a lot better. Duval seems like having all these techniques acquired, and heads with the aim of finding his place in NBA soon.

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